Let us make
our planet green
Our grandchildren-and their children-will thank us
for living more sustainably. Let's start now.
Earth was Greener
before 20 years ago
So let us make it again by contributing more and
more trees
Your single step
can make it done
Today we are encouraging every peoples of villages for
planting new trees.

our mission and visoin

awareness for trees cutting

Awareness for cutting trees is very important as deforestation have many negative effects on the environment .

educating the value of trees

We educating the value of trees by reaching the maximum backwards and urban villages and consult each families to aware about the value of trees. 

ECo - activities

Today our social eco activities is emberging day by day and influencing all peoples special the metro youths and corporates.

Best way to be happy if in

How much tree you want to contribute for your event

A single tree Value Only Rs.90/- till it become mature

who we are ?

Tree for living is a non profit organization working to save trees and spreading awareness, the importance of the trees and ecosystem . We are working since 2018 and planted over 23000 trees successfully . 

We not only planted the new tree but look the each tree we have planted and we save the data for each tree we have planted and send it as a report for each of our contributor.

what we did till now

Total Tree Planted in Jalna 40%
Planted in Aurangabad 33%
Planted in All Marathwada Region 52%

current work infographic

Total 300 Tress has been grown here

Total 90 Tress has been grown here

Total 150 Tress has been grown here

Total 450 Tress has been grown here

what others think for us